Crysalli ProFusion Systems

Cold Brew Coffee and Nitro Infused Drinks

Like a moment of peace and quiet in the middle of a chaotic afternoon, the smooth richness, deep coffee aroma and color of a Crysalli nitro coffee drink will take you to another place. Everyone can use those minutes in time to relax and escape into the ideal beverage, cold brew coffee, nitro coffee or nitro infused tea. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the break, and enjoy your nitro infused beverage from the Crysalli Beverage Systems. Inspired by the desire to create the best beverage experience possible when it comes to cold brew coffee, nitro brew coffee and other nitro infused drinks like tea, Crysalli Beverage Systems created the iN2 series of nitro injecting equipment. The necessity to have this in a more compact, countertop application inspired them to create the Crysalli Beverage Systems CR-1-iN2 countertop nitro injecting beverage dispenser.

iN2-DD2P ProFusion Beverage Dispensing System

CR-1-iN2 ProFusion Countertop System

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