Crysalli Artisan Water

Savings and Value

Sierra Filtration Services knows that a Crysalli water system will ultimately affect your bottom line in a good way; eliminating the need to purchase various types of bottled water, order and arrange for delivery, manage the inventory, chill, store and dispose of bottles. You will see a savings and value after the first few months of serving Crysalli to your customers.

Patented Cold Carbonation

Crysalli’s patented Cold Carbonation method chills the filtered water to a perfect 36 ̊, creating a refreshing beverage allowing better absorption of the CO2 into the water. This results in a smaller and denser bubble profile which is great on the palate while retaining the carbonation in the water for alonger time. This is important when mixing syrups, natural juices or flavors in sparkling water so the water doesn’t go flat when it’s added. It’s also important for the simple idea of enjoying the sparkling water long after it has been poured.

With precise water and CO2 pressure ranges, the bubble profile of the sparkling water can be modified to meet your usage needs. More bubbles (not bigger bubbles) enhance flavors in sodas and mixers; plus saves on unused water that could go flat in a bottle.

CR-1 Compact Countertop

CBR-V2 Series Draft Tower

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