Water Testing

Water acts as a natural solvent picking up particles, chemicals and contaminants that can affect food quality and equipment performance.

Finding the right water solution for each Sierra Filtration Services customer starts with a comprehensive on-site water analysis that provides a look at water characteristics at the time and place it is performed.

Common Contaminants in Water

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – a combined measure of all organic and inorganic substances dissolved in the water.
  • Particulates – fine sediment, rust and other particles.
  • Hard Minerals – dissolved calcium and magnesium ions.
  • Iron – causes an unpleasant metallic taste and promotes corrosion.
  • Chlorides – promotes rapid and destructive corrosion.
  • Chlorine – added to make water safe to drink it contributes to corrosion and can affect taste, odor and food quality.
  • Silica – can form a very hard mineral scale that is difficult to remove.
  • Alkalinity – water’s capacity to neutralize acid affecting scale and corrosion.
  • pH – water’s balance of acid and alkaline substances.

Types of Water Treatment

Sierra Filtration Services offers a full range of custom on-site water treatment solutions that are unique to each customer’s need for pure water.

  • Filtration – A water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process.
  • Softening – Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium and certain other cations in hard water.
  • Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis uses an applied pressure gradient across a semipermeable membrane to overcome osmotic pressure and remove water molecules from the solution with hardness ions.

Find Out What’s In Your Water Supply

At Sierra Filtration Services we know that figuring out the quality of the water supply you have and how to improve it is confusing. Let us help you with a thorough water analysis and custom water solution designed for your business. Call us at 1-800-951-FILTER (3458) today.

1-800-951-FILTER (3458)

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