Water’s Impact on Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee retailers know that in water the correct balance of TDS (total dissolved solids) and hardness is crucial when it comes to coffee and espresso beverage quality and equipment performance.

From a basic cup of coffee to a Caffé Latte or Macchiato, good tasting specialty coffee drinks depend as much on the quality of the water used to make them as they do on the beans. The right water treatment system keeps water chemistry consistent and provides the ideal mix of minerals for brewing.

Scale buildup from unfiltered water can cause significant damage to brewing equipment, reduce energy efficiency, and can affect warranties which often require a certain water quality standard.

Water Characteristics and Contaminants

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – A combined measure of all organic and inorganic substances dissolved in the water including particulates, minerals, salts, acids and alkali.
  • Particulates – Fine sediment, rust and other particles that provide a catalyst for scale buildup and wear on equipment.
  • Hard Minerals – The primary water-related problem for coffee brewers and espresso machines is limescale caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. This rock-like buildup leads to reduced performance and increased downtime for maintenance.
  • Chlorine & Chloramine – Added to make water safe to drink these chemicals also contribute to corrosion in coffee equipment and can give water an offensive taste and odor.
  • Alkalinity – Alkalinity is water’s capacity to neutralize acid. Some alkalinity is wanted but too much has a negative effect on taste and contributes to scale buildup.
  • pH – Water’s balance of acid and alkaline substances can be an indication of whether it will be scale-forming or corrosive.

Water Quality and Specialty Coffee Equipment Performance

The chemical and physical properties of water have a significant impact on specialty coffee equipment and it’s performance. Many manufacturers require water quality standards be met to validate equipment warranties. Optimized water quality can drastically reduce water-related problems in coffee brewers and espresso machines.

Is poor water quality affecting your business profitability?

  • How important is beverage quality and consistency to your business?
  • How frequently does your equipment require service and at what cost?
  • Are water-related problems covered under the equipment warranty?
  • Are you looking for consistent water quality across multiple locations?
  • Do you need specific water mineral content for brewing?
  • Is scale buildup affecting the performance of your water-using equipment?

At Sierra Filtration Services we know that figuring out the quality of the water supply you have and how to improve it is confusing. Let us help you with a thorough water analysis and custom water solution designed for your business.

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