Crysalli Artisan Water

Still or Sparkling, Filtered and Chilled Tap Water

The Crysalli Artisan Water System allows you to offer customers still or sparkling water in an easier, cost-effective, and “green” way. The unique method of filtering and chilling regular tap water at counter or bar level provides a delicious alternative to bottled water.

Crysalli’s patented Cold Carbonation Method chills the filtered water to a perfect 36° creating a refreshing beverage and allowing better absorption of the CO2 into the water. This results in a smaller and denser bubble profile which is great on the palate while retaining the carbonation in the water for a longer time. This is important when mixing syrups, natural juices or flavors in sparkling water so the water doesn’t go flat when it is added and for enjoying the sparkling water long after it has been poured. With precise water and CO2 pressure ranges, the bubble profile of the sparkling water can be modified to meet your usage needs.

Crysalli has expanded into a wide range of Sparkling and Still Water System configurations and capacities, from cafeteria volume systems to mini systems for your own home. Pre-mix and post-mix systems for house made sodas, nitro and cold brew coffee, kombucha, cocktail on tap programs and anything else you want to dispense.

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View or Download the Artisan Water Brochure, Sizing Guide, and Specifying Guide to help find the Crysalli product that’s right for you.

Artisan Water Brochure

Sizing Guide for Artisan Water Systems

Specifying Guide for Artisan Water Systems