Hotel Water Solutions

Water Quality Helps Ensure A Positive Guest Experience

Water is present in nearly every customer touchpoint within a hotel. Applications such as eco-friendly water softeners, premium quality ice filtration, fresh fountain drinks and high-quality brew systems will give guests a better and consistent experience each time they stay in your hotel.

  • Minimize Operational Costs. Proper filtration can significantly cut down on mineral deposits, contamination risks, and costly repairs and replacements for hotels, such as softeners, coffee brewers, ice machines and more.
  • Protect Expensive Equipment. Scale buildup in combi ovens and ice machines can lead to equipment downtime, increased service costs and even voided warranties. 
  • Improve Customer Experience. How water is treated can impact a guest’s experience in several ways: Premium coffee taste, clean and clear ice, great tasting beverages, soft and clean linens and an optimal shower experience.

Water Treatment Solutions Everywhere You Need Them

Featured Pentair Everpure Products

Insurice Filtration Systems can be used with single or multiple ice machines, whether cubers, nuggets or flakers. Pentair offers a wide range of Insurice models with flow rates from 1.67 GPM (6.32 LPM) to 10.0 GPM (37.85 LPM), and rated capacities from 9,000 gallons (34,069 litres) to 100,000 gallons (378,541 litres). 

CES-9100TS E-30C Twin Tank, Twin Sensor Water Treatment System provides a 24/7 flow of conditioned water. The system’s dual sensors measure the conductivity of the resin bed to determine the true softening capacity. This advanced technology ensures the system provides 100% of its treatment capacity before regenerating. The CES-9100TS E-30C features the superior valve design of Pentair for unrivaled performance and dependability.

EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems. Choosing the right filtration system is essential for foodservice applications to ensure a consistent, quality customer experience. The EZ-RO is all that’s needed to reduce contaminants and protect equipment with one simple system that can grow with your business.

Comprehensive Water Management

Custom water treatment solutions and services to ensure your hotel operation utilizes the best quality water and provides the best experience for your guests.

  • Water Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Product Solution
  • Installation Start-Up
  • Planned Maintenance

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