Hotel Water Solutions

WATER QUALITY ENSURES A POSITIVE GUEST EXPERIENCE. Water is present in nearly every customer touchpoint within a hotel. Applications such as eco-friendly water softeners, premium quality ice filtration, fresh fountain drinks and high-quality brew systems will give guests a better and consistent experience each time they stay in your hotel.

  • Minimize Operational Costs. Proper filtration can significantly cut down on mineral deposits, contamination risks, and costly repairs and replacements for hotels, such as softeners, coffee brewers, ice machines and more.
  • Protect Expensive Equipment. Scale buildup in combi ovens and ice machines can lead to equipment downtime, increased service costs and even voided warranties. 
  • Improve Customer Experience. How water is treated can impact a guest’s experience in several ways: Premium coffee taste, clean and clear ice, great tasting beverages, soft and clean linens and an optimal shower experience.


  • Coffee, Espresso and Tea
  • Drinking Water
  • Fountain Beverages
  • Frozen Carbonated Beverages
  • Ice
  • Steam
  • Combination Systems
  • Warewashing
  • Water Softening
  • Laundry

Comprehensive Water Management. Sierra Filtration Services provides comprehensive water treatment solutions and services to ensure your operation utilizes quality water and provides the best experience for your customers.

  • Water Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Product Solution
  • Installation Start-Up
  • Planned Maintenance

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