Crysalli Beverage Systems

Sierra Filtration Services is proud to offer Crysalli Beverage Systems products. Crysalli has expanded into a wide range of Sparkling and Still Water System configurations and capacities, from cafeteria volume systems to mini systems for your own home. Pre-mix and post-mix systems for house made sodas, nitro and cold brew coffee, kombucha, cocktail on tap programs and anything else you want to dispense.

Crysalli Artisan Water

The Crysalli Artisan Water System allows you to offer customers still or sparkling water in an easier, cost-effective, and “green” way. The unique method of filtering and chilling regular tap water at counter or bar level provides a delicious alternative to bottled water.

The cold carbonation method chills the filtered water to a perfect 36° creating a refreshing beverage and allowing better absorption of the CO2 into the water. This results in a smaller and denser bubble profile which is great on the palate while retaining the carbonation in the water for a longer time.

ProFusion Specialty Coffee

The ProFusion Specialty Coffee System uses one cold keg of cold brew coffee, tea or your craft beverage of choice, and dispenses two different style beverages from a single keg – Nitrogen Infused (lightly carbonated) and Still.

The system flash chills ambient temperature beverage kegs and features a patented injector that will infuse nitrogen into a beverage as it is being poured, resulting in a drink with a cascading head and smooth palate.

Crysalli Beverage Dispense Systems

The Crysalli Beverage Dispense Systems include a variety of durable, commercial grade, stainless steel Post Mix Dispense “T” Towers with LED dispense buttons and an integrated base and drip pan. The dispense towers come standard with 4, 6 or 8 valves and custom configurations are available.

Pair your Post Mix Dispense “T” Tower with a Crysalli “Cold Carb” Beverage Dispense Chiller for optimum chilling and carbonation. With these systems you do not need a cold plate, freeing up counter space and reducing ice consumption.

View or Download the Crysalli Beverage Systems Brochure to learn more about finding the right system for you.

Crysalli Beverage Systems Brochure