Restaurant Water Solutions

Water Impacts Customer Satisfaction

Your customer’s impression of your restaurant is directly linked to the quality of the food and beverages you serve. From the crystal-clear ice in their drinks to their steamed vegetables, water plays a critical role in delivering a premium dining experience. With the appropriate water treatment plan you can help ensure your customers have an enjoyable dining experience leaving a lasting, positive impression of your restaurant.

  • Minimize Operational Costs. Proper filtration can significantly cut down on mineral deposits, contamination risks, and costly repairs and replacements in espresso machines, steam ovens, and more.
  • Protect Expensive Equipment. Scale buildup in combo ovens and ice machines can lead to equipment downtime, increased service costs and even voided warranties.
  • Improve Customer Experience. How water is treated can impact a guest’s experience in several ways from premium fountain beverages to spotless dishes to clear iced tea.

Water Treatment Solutions Everywhere You Need Them

Featured Pentair Everpure Products

Kleenware HTS-11 System offers scale control for hot temperature applications such as warewashing and booster heaters. The system to inhibits limescale buildup and reduces corrosion via the Everpure HT-10 Cartridge using contains Hydroblend™ compound which is effective up to 200°F (93.3°C) and 15 GPM (56.8 LPM).

Oxidice takes advantage of a unique ozone disinfection process utilizing both aqueous and gaseous oxidation simultaneously to reduce contaminants and odors while providing high quality ice for you and your customers. Plus, it’s easy to install and adapts to virtually any size cube ice machine.

EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems. Choosing the right filtration system is essential for foodservice applications to ensure a consistent, quality customer experience. The Everpure EZ-RO is all that’s needed to reduce contaminants and protect equipment with one simple system that can grow with your business.

Comprehensive Water Management

End-to-end custom water treatment solutions and services to ensure your restaurant operation utilizes quality water and provides the best experience for your guests.

  • Water Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Product Solution
  • Installation Start-Up
  • Planned Maintenance

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